An Update

Good Afternoon! I would like to apologize for the lack of writing I have done within the past month. Everything seems to be happening so much faster than I anticipated and it’s only going to speed up. They always tell you time flies but I never believed it until now. For the last three months […]

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Audition video: CHECK

What is an audition video? To put it shortly, an audition video is a combination of your best elements and features. It is put together in a two to five minuet video to showcase your best abilities to your employer whom ever that may be. This ended up being a lot more nerve racking than […]

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With it being February first, today is National Get Up Day created by US Figure skating in 2017. In Skating one the first lesson we learn is how to get up when we’ve fallen down. In my eyes the holiday was created to not only remind skaters but people in every community to get up […]

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Hello all! First and foremost I’d like to start off with saying a BIG thank you to everyone who read my last blog. Was unsure on the feed back I would receive but the love and support I’ve had so far is absolutely incredible. Secondly, today was my first day of my last semester in […]


An Introduction..

My name is Chloe Jayne Wagner. I am a 17 year old that thoroughly enjoys Reading and writing poetry, singing just about anything, dancing to my own beat (even when there’s no music), photography and most of all I love figure skating. I’ve been Skating my whole life, when I was 18 months old my […]

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