“..If I have learned nothing this week I have learned how to sufficiently count to eight.”

Hello all! I would like to start by saying thank you to all the well wishes, thoughts and prayers! I appreciate them so very much and feel the love from home no matter the distance. I am so sorry if I haven’t responded but to say the least, these past few weeks have been either insanely busy or insanely slow. However I don’t mind it one bit! My body however… well it’s a bit tired. During the rehearsal process the days are long but at the end it has flown by! Learning and memorizing choreography has been challenging. However if I have learned anything this week, I have learned how to sufficiently count to eight. This show is really upbeat and I hope you all can have a chance to come see it.

Something I never realized was how quickly I could grow to love a group of people. Everyone here has been so welcoming towards my newbie self and it has made the transition easier than I had anticipated. There are several different nationalities within the cast and crew which somehow brings us closer. I know I’m going to enjoy learning from and with them over the next several months. It’s as if we have become a big family, even though they could never replace my family back home (whom I miss dearly). The friends I’ve made are simply amazing, furthermore I can’t believe I’m blessed to be doing what I love alongside them. I keep picking up some cool lingo from everyone but periodically I forget I’m not in Tennessee anymore so when I say ‘y’all’ I may as well be speaking a foreign language. 

On a more serious note, while traveling these past two weeks weather it be from the hotel to the studio, or from shuttle to bus I have come to notice People are like luggageWe all have an outer shell that we use for things such as expressing our emotions, our style, our actions and essentially our worldly identity. Our outer casing can define us if we allow it. It’s human nature that we put so much pressure on what this outer shell should look like and act as it can become overwhelming to keep up with.  To continue, We all carry different things with us; Different beliefs, different cultures, different goals, different strengths and weaknesses. Not one completely the same. Yet deep down underneath the things we carry with us we all want to find our place. The desire to know where we fit in with everyone else can be exhausting when we are put in unfamiliar places. Maybe we even have to break out of our comfort zone to uncover our true self.  But like packing a suitcase eventually all of our individual baggage builds up and this determines how we face the world. It is important to remember perspective and how it can effect our day to day lives. It’s our choice on where we go and how we make the most out of every situation.  I encourage you to discover the happiness in your baggage but also to embrace the dull and dreary, for we would not know joy without it. I also urge you to think about the things people may be carrying in their hearts the next time you are quick to turn away what’s on the outside. I find it incredible how the Lord has placed such a wide variety of interesting people on this planet, I guess its just a case of taking it one step further and having a conversation with them. 

I’m enjoying all of the time I have to write and/or read scriptures since I’m not driving!! I was able to go to a Tongan ward Sunday morning! I obviously don’t speak Tongan but the Elder missionaries translated the whole thing! I was incredibly thankful for the ability to go to church and feel the Spirit just as if I was home, I love the gospel so much.

Up next-> Oakland, CA & San Jose, CA !!!


Mosiah 4:9 Believe in God; believe that he is, and that he created all things, both in heaven and in earth; believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both in heaven and in earth; believe that man doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend.


Drive Slow-Doc Robinson

Thanks for reading friends, much love as always. xo


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