OH Canada

Okay, My writing and I have been absent. Forgive me and accept this post as our sincere apology. In my absence I’ve only been posting on my Instagram and Facebook  and even that has been sparse but if you follow me on either platform you can see I’ve been in Canada for 5 weeks! In […]

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A first time for everything.

Howdy! I was planning on posting something a little different this week but the week wrote itself honestly. One thing after another, or should I say one first after another because goodness gracious there was a lot to keep up with. In a recent blog I had mentioned that travel days can be rather overwhelming […]

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Boston, MA

Hello Hello and welcome to Boston, I’m your tour guide Chloe. In this weeks adventure I will take you through various hot spots of Boston. Then proceed to tie it all in to my personal experiences in this beautiful city and of course one of the greatest holidays of the year! -If you didn’t read […]

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Question & Answer

Hey y’all! So heres the questions from all of you lovely people that I could answer without making this too long! This is in no particular order but I hope answers everything! xoxo Q: In what ways do you still manage to eat healthy? A: Jokes on you, I don’t! I’m just kidding. Eating healthy […]

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Salt Lake City

Hello loyal followers that keep coming back to read my crazy writing! Welcome back! Also if this is your first time here, buckle up. This is going to be good one. Since I became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints back on July 24th, I had continually heard rumors […]

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